Rock en Seine festival

Before leaving Paris I had to do something big. Here’s a few hints: it lasts three days, it’s full of sweaty people and even guys there have to queue to go to the toilets. That’s right, a rock festival. It’s called Rock en Seine and it takes place on the last weekend of August, in the suburbs of Paris. Warning: it’s gonna be a groupie post.

Affiche édition Rock en Seine 2012
First, I have to say I haven’t always idolized Rock en Seine. I’m a huge Oasis fan and Oasis was Rock en Seine’s headline in 2009. Being a typical groupie, I’d been waiting for it for months, I’d been telling everyone I was going to see Oasis again, I’d been thinking about the t-shirt I would wear and how to get in the first rows without having to punch all the girls that would be on my way. Then on the famous night, at the upmost of my excitement/hysteria, surprise! Oasis broke up. Hahaha. So yeah I cried my heart out for days, I thought my life was over, I wanted to die in terrible pains. Regular things, you know. At least I know what they mean by “please don’t put your life in the hands of a rock’n’roll band who’ll throw it all away”.

Anyway, none of that this year. And many awesome bands on the menu. Especially The Black Keys, Foster the People, Noel Gallagher (Oasis’s composer), Placebo and the Dandy Warhols. N.B: if you click on the links throughout the article, you’ll find the official video of each song.

The first day was pretty busy. We started with the Canadian band Billy Talent. Hard rock emo is not my thing but songs like “Pins and Needles” are pretty good. The concert wasn’t bad either. Mosh pits and everything. After that we saw the British electropop band Citizens! I love their single “True Romance”, which I dance to in my living room when no one’s at home, you see the picture. The concert was very quiet though, the band didn’t really manage to get anyone excited. I was ready to dance and show the world my great choreography on “True Romance” but no one really felt like dancing apparently.

Then we saw most of the Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s concert, which was good. The singer’s got a very distinctive voice and this band seems to come from the seventies. Then the American band The Shins. Not exactly mosh pit material but nice. Then Block Party, which was a really good concert. Then the headline Placebo.

Merveilleux concert de Placebo à Rock en Seine 2012

Placebo’s singer Brian Molko at Rock en Seine

They were splendid. I was in awe before Brian Molko. I’d forgotten how beautiful their music was. They played their most famous tracks, “Pure Morning”, “Meds”, “A Song To Say Goodbye”, “The Bitter End”, “Every You Every Me” etc. They played an acoustic version of “Meds” which was very similar to the one you can hear in the video below. Continue reading